Hummingbird House

Everything you need to know about the Hummingbird House

The Hummingbird House is essentially a nesting platform for the birds.  This concept was designed only a few years ago in 1998 by Dan and Diane True.  They’re goal was to provide a mother-to-be hummingbird with a safe place to nest.

The most important thing to a female hummingbird is to build her nest out of the wind and other environmental elements.  The wind can throw eggs and chicks out of the nest when they’re built out on tree branches.  This is why experience hummingbirds often find barns, sheds, abandoned houses or similar locations to build their nests.  She also looks for an area with an anchor to support the weight of her and her nest, not just a straight branch.  Mother hummingbirds are quite heavy since their eggs are the largest eggs in the bird world.  They need to find a location that will hold their weight yet not be strong enough to hold the weight of a cat or a squirrel that could prey on her chicks.   The Hummingbird House provides this type of anchor for her.

The Hummingbird House not only gives the mother a place to raise her chicks that is safe out of wind and rain but it also protects them against snakes, ants and other birds.  Inexperienced mothers-to-be don’t realize the need to pick a special area until it’s too late but next season they learn from their mistakes and seek out a more sheltered place to build their nest.

A Hummingbird House package includes 2 nest platforms, one cotton nesting material dispenser, 2 large foamy roofs, and screws for mounting and easy instructions.  Dan and Diane True use their garage in Clous, New Mexico to weld the platform foundations.  The couple has a strong appreciation for hummingbirds and therefore takes great pride in every piece they create to assure it is of top notch quality.  Their children even get involved with the packaging at times.

Installing the Hummingbird House not only is beneficial for the Hummingbird, giving her a safe place to build her nest and assure the safety of her chicks but it is much more than that.  This item also provides great educational and entertaining benefits for you and your family.  You will get the honor of watching the mother-to-be hummingbird build her nest.  The nesting process takes approximately 5 days so even if you’re a busy person; there is still a good chance that you’ll get to view at least a fraction of the task.  A female hummingbird makes approximately 34 trips per hour carrying supplies to her nest and works 4 straight hours a day.  You will get to see her lay her eggs and some very rare lucky folks actually get to witness the birth of the hummingbird chicks, a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

The incubation time is almost always 14 days so if you can spot the precise day the eggs arrive and mark your calendar then you can set aside some time to try to capture the moment. You and your family then can watch her raise her chicks and care for them until they are old enough to venture out and leave the nest.  Feeding time lasts about 20 minutes but since the chicks don’t even attempt to fly for roughly 23 days you’ll have a lot of opportunity to catch this site.  Even when they do fly for the first time, it is generally only over to the next branch.  Female hummingbirds also have a reputation for returning to the same location year after year so by installing a Hummingbird House you will get to enjoy this life cycle every year.




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