Hummingbird Flowers

Varieties of Hummingbird Flowers

There are several types of hummingbird flowers out there that you may want to consider planting. When you do so, the delightful hummingbird is going to be spending lots of time in your yard. It can offer you a great way to enhance your landscaping and to fuel your passion for bird watching all at the same time.

The flowers you offer need to be producers of the nectar that the hummingbirds seek. Some people assume that only red flowers attract hummingbirds but that isn’t true. The reason that they think this though is that many species of flowers that do product nectar have a red color associated with them.

One that does very well out there is the Bee Balm. They come in shades of red or purple. They also do well in soil that has higher levels of acid found in it. If you are looking for hummingbird flowers that bloom early, go with the Red Columbine. It is a perennial and it is perfect for attracting hummingbirds that are returning from their journey South. This can be a difficult time for them to get adequate supplies of nectar as well.

For a more traditional type of flower, consider the Hollyhock. They can grow in just about any climate. They are also known to self seed so you can see them grow for several years before you have to plant them again. The downside though is that Hollyhock is a biennial which means it takes two years before it will blossom for the first time. If you can’t possibly wait that long, consider planting something else as well. Then you will have some flowers blossoming before you know it.

You can offer hummingbird flowers around your porch too rather than in a garden area if you like. For example the Rose of Sharon offers you a bush that is rather tall and wide. There are a variety of colors of flowers found on it. They include shades of blue, white, red, and pink. You won’t need to do too much for them other than offer some water and some occasional pruning.

Make sure you take your time to find out what the right growing conditions are for various types of hummingbird flowers. Only plant those that have an excellent chance of thriving in your particular environment. Don’t worry though because there are many to select from so you shouldn’t have any trouble coming up with them.

You can also choose those that offer colors you absolutely love. When you have these types of flowers in your garden it is going to create a look that gains attention. You can sit outside and enjoy the beauty of all of it. When you host parties people will see what you have to offer as well. Even if you aren’t an expert in gardening you can create a look that gives the appearance that you are.

When you offer hummingbird flowers you are also helping to ensure these birds have a place to get the nectar they really need for survival. It can be hard for them to find it in particular areas. That is why sightings of them are rare in such areas. Once you have these flowers in place though you will see a huge increase in the number of them that come around.

Hummingbirds will develop a pattern too of where they will go. When your gardening efforts offer them something remarkable, they will return to it year after year. These are amazing birds that you will love to have around your home. The environment you create for them is one that brings humans and nature into balance.




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